Ethical Charter of Artan Life discounts Club

Ethical Charter of Artan Life discounts Club :

Professional and ethical charter of Artan Life discounts Club

We, the independent representatives of Artan Life discounts club marketing company, believe that:

Lord almighty has destined each human's sustenance and blessings to the extent of their effort, and unrighteous way brings about nothing but harm and stagnation.

Human dignity can only be achieved through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds as well as respect for others’ interests

Respecting the rules and regulation ensure the discount club’s security and sustenance

The members of our club are our respected colleagues who have started their business based on confidence and trust in us.

The aforementioned beliefs commit us to:

Respect the Islamic dressing codes in our work environment.

Stay committed to maintaining the organization's interests of club members and our coworkers.

Respect the activities of others employed in clubs and companies, and see their improvement as our improvement

Strictly avoid smoking in the work environment.

Respect Islamic manners and ethics in establishing relationships with others.

Refrain from exaggerating and lying about the club, its management, money-making opportunities, services, etc.

Never force anyone to join the club.

Refrain from humiliating and making fun of other companies and teams.

Avoid proposing tempting offers or negotiating with those employed in other companies or teams, and report such cases to the club manager.

Refrain from exaggerating the shortcomings in a way that discourages others and promotes unwillingness to work.

Train and support our organization’s employees with respect.

Commit to the main principle of referral marketing which is based on personal retail.

Refrain from developing unlawful financial relations.

Refrain from holding introduction meetings for under-aged people.

Refrain from holding an introduction meeting for married women without the presence and knowledge of their spouse and single ladies without the presence and knowledge of their parents as much as possible.

By respecting the contents of this ethical charter, we believe that the future of this business will be extremely bright and glorious.