Artan Life discounts Club Policy

Artan Life discounts Club Policy :

Artan Life discounts Club was established on 23/09/2020 aiming to promote referral marketing culture and reduce household expenses in Iran and will spare no effort to achieve these goals. Artan Life discounts Club has taken steps toward making positive changes in "recusing Iranian households' expenses" and prides itself on pioneering innovation in this important field. In this regard, we pursue the following objectives as our organizational framework:

Developing the required context for the development of proper referral marketing culture, raising awareness among various classes of people regarding the benefits of leverage marketing, and optimized use of this potential in our beloved country

Training and providing the desirable referral marketing experience for millions across beloved Iran and creating the opportunity for achieving economic objectives through the employment of the country's young generation along with business partners

Improving marketer and manager training systems, and transforming the scientific environment of the company in compliance with ethical and Islamic values and professional codes

Creating and reinforcing the required infrastructure to reduce Iranian households’ expenses

Service provision according to the current standards, aiming to protect the rights of buyers and sellers

Constant monitoring and assessment, ensuring the required servicing standards, and paying attempts to resolve the existing issues

Research on innovations in the process of health-oriented services in the experience of other countries

Paying attempts to propose new ideas in the field of production and technology, aiming to improve services