Artan Life discounts club mission

Artan Life discounts club mission :

Artan Life discounts Club’s mission is to teach and demonstrate successful experiences of referral marketing to all social classes across Iran and to provide an opportunity to achieve economic objectives through the employment of the country's young generation alongside business partners. Among other significant missions of Artan Life discounts club, one could mention developing the required context for the spread of proper referral marketing culture, leverage sales, and raising awareness among various social classes regarding the benefits of referral marketing and optimal use of this strong potential in our beloved country, Iran. Eventually, Artan Life discounts Club’s ultimate goal is to reduce the expenses of Iranian households by developing a secure and fair context all over Iran and give all social classes the right to use discounts on all daily stoppings and family and household consumption baskets.

Finally, the ultimate goal of Artan Customer Club’s is to reduce the costs of Iranian households by creating a safe and equitable environment throughout our Islamic Republic of Iran and the right to enjoy discounts on all daily purchases and household baskets for all segments of society. that Knows the researcher and obligatory.